Bar Harbor Bed Races

Bar Harbor Bed Races and Pajama Sale – photo courtesy of the Ellsworth American

What do locals do after the tourist season is over? Some say we sleep, and we do, but for one day we like to have a little bit of fun. This year that fund will be had on Nov 10, 2108 from 6am to noon. The earlier you come, the better the discount, and add even more to the discount if you’re wearing your pajamas. Yes, it’s Bar Harbor’s Pajama Sales Day, and we do it every year when the streets are quieter. How quiet? Well, let’s just say it’s quiet enough to shut down the eastern part of Cottage street all the way down to Main St. so we can have the bed races. What’s that you say? Several teams of five, four pushing the bed and one riding on top, race down Cottage St. to Main St. and back. The fastest time wins. It’s about an hour of fun just for the people-watching let alone cheering on your favorite team.

Is Mira Monte open this time of year? Yes we are, kind of. The Main Inn shuts down late Oct, but we do keep Ashe Cottage and the Suites Building open year-round. During the winter we don’t serve breakfast and we don’t do daily housekeeping, but you’d be surprised at how many people come up for the fall, winter, and early spring just to get away.

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