During the Spring in Bar Harbor, the sun begins rising at 4:30 AM, and steadily warms the bar granite ledges of the mountains and shore. By mid afternoon warm updrafts are replaced by a chilly sea breeze blowing onshore from the ocean. This combination of air currents can be the inspiration for a great vacation. Flowering trees and shrubs such as the gorgeous wild pears, cherries, apples, mountain ash, native viburnums and rhodora burst forth throughout the hills meadows and roadsides—responding to long hours of daylight. Yet their leaves, responding to the cool afternoon breezes, unfold more slowly than on the mainland. Insects don’t like the cool breezes either and are slower to hatch.

Spring in Bar Harbor Things to Do

Mainers learn to go to the shore in the morning—when it’s warm, and to go hiking or biking in the afternoon when it’s cool and sparse on insects. Always, there are spectacular views (that summer visitors never see) because these views are hidden by summer foliage. Acadia’s 100 miles of hiking trails and 50 mile of carriage roads provide opportunities for climbing, hiking, walking, or biking unequaled anywhere else in New England. Imagine walking through the forest of blossoms, vistas of mountains, lakes and ocean and being surrounded by the music of all the arriving and migrating birds, and fall in love with Bar Harbor, Maine.

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