We’ve always been a little dubious of newfangled tech when it comes to the inn.  After all, we’re all about tradition here at the Mira Monte, and personally handing keys to our guests has long been part of the B&B experience.  At the same time, a growing number of our visitors have told us that they’re looking for cardless and keyless door locks when making their booking decisions, particularly during the COVID crisis.   We decided to try a pilot project before going “all in” and equip our 6 rooms in the suites and Ashe cottage with a “smart lock” system just to see what people thought.  We’re happy to report that our guests’ love the new locks- so much so that we’ll be changing over the entire lower floor of the main inn by the end of July and the remainder of our upper floor rooms by spring 2021.  Here’s some of what you can look forward to:

  • No keys or cards to contend with. Say goodbye to forgetting the keys or locking yourself out!
  • Access codes are unique to you.  Combinations are changed for each guest.  We’ll pick a memorable code for  you, or you can specify one of your own.
  • Late arrivals aren’t a problem.  Simply request your access code and let yourself in when you arrive.
  • Check-out is easy.  Close the door behind you, and your’e done (just don’t forget to say goodbye)!  Access codes expire automatically after you leave.
  • Use a key if you prefer.  You will always have the ability to use a traditional key if you like.

Our guests love our new locks, and we think you will too!